“Improving your property and protecting your investment." It's more than a slogan. Tomahawk Contracting has been serving home and commercial building owners in the Kansas City area since 1997. From basement to roof top, we tailor solutions to suit needs.

Above ground we: paint inside and out, make room additions, add sun rooms, build patio's, remodel kitchens, remodel bathrooms, build decks, power wash decks, stain and seal decks, install windows and siding, perform restoration after flood, fire or wind damage, make handyman repairs, and make most any other repair or remodeling desired by Kansas City owners.

Below ground we: waterproof basements and crawl spaces by improving gutters and downspouts and by installing French drains and berms and swales to direct water away from foundations, by installing sump pumps, by sealing cracks and walls and by de-humidifying. We repair foundations by stabilizing basement walls with braces, by pulling bowed or leaning basement walls to within tolerance using tie-backs, by leveling settled foundations using jacks and piers, by repairing damaged foundations with carbon fiber and Kevlar straps – leaving Kansas City home and building owners with dry basements and sound foundations.